Monday, May 23, 2016 – 17:00
Rumeli Hall 2, Lufti Kirdar Convention Centre – Istanbul Turkey

What does it mean to progressively advance sustainable solutions for the forcibly displaced?

The Government of Japan and the Solutions Alliance provided some insightful answers to this question by focusing on current initiatives in a diverse group of countries. Practical experience in partnership and joint approaches across humanitarian and development partners were showcased, working towards joint forward-looking commitments. Stakeholders outlined how, amongst others, the Solutions Alliance’s guiding principles contribute towards the realisation of sustainable solutions. The event served to advance the WHS policy dialogues and commitments around solutions to protracted displacement. There was a special focus on the practical issues and situation at country level in the Middle East and Africa.

This side event delved into two of the Core Responsibilities outlined in One Humanity: Shared Responsibility, Report of the Secretary-General for the World Humanitarian Summit:

  1. Core Responsibility Three, Leave no one behind; Point A, Reduce and address displacement; &
  2. Core Responsibility Four, Change people’s lives – From delivering aid to ending need; Point C, Deliver collective outcomes: transcend humanitarian – development divides.

The event was broken into two discussions, with Mr. Alex Aleinikoff of Columbia University as moderator. Speakers included:

Two refugees recorded videos to be shared during the side event: